Jesus’ Family Tree

December 5, 2017

This advent season, let’s begin at the beginning and look the origins of Jesus’ name and heritage from Matthew chapter 1


A city with broken walls

November 18, 2017

Brian Clark gives a timely message about the need for self control and boundaries in our lives.


Timing is Everything

November 9, 2017

what is wisdom?

October 31, 2017

A look at wisdom from God’s perspective. Proverbs 3:1-6


drop those stones

October 24, 2017

Further thoughts on forgiveness


Beautiful Restoration - a story of forgiveness

October 22, 2017

Our series on Joseph comes to the dramatic high point as Joseph is reunited with his brothers and we a beautiful picutre of forgiveness, repentance and restoration


God Will Establish you According to His Plan and Purpose

October 13, 2017

God has a plan and purpose for your life and won't He do it?  Yes He will!